Emergency Room Fun

Got home from yoga last night and Chris informed me that it was time to visit the emergency room.  His stomach problems finally developed into a full fledge diverticulitis attack.  After an ekg, cat scan and two bags of antibotics and pain medication, they sent us home around 2:30 a.m.  He is on two strong antibotics and pain medication and hopefully will be feeling better in a day or so.  Not as bad as the first attack two years, but still pretty painful.  The highlight of the evening was the mentally unstable young man in the next room who proceeded to scream on and off for about two hours.

On another note, the furniture finally arrived from the garden contest I won last year.  Yes, it now resides in my living room.  I'll have to eventually change the curtains, but that will happen when it happens.

Anyone started building an ark yet?

BH&G Garden Room

Last May I was notified that I won the BH&G Garden Room.  I vaguely remembered signing up on the computer one night and then promptly forgot to go in every day and sign up again.  It was too late in the fall before everything was straighten out so I requested that the plants arrive the first week of May and wanted to be notified two weeks before exactly what was coming and when.  It turns out the nursery guy I was working with left.  Then they informed me that the furniture was coming from a different company but they couldn't get ahold of that person.  It turned out she left also.  At this point, I tried contacting the company who ran the contest.  Guess who also left.  If I hadn't already paid the taxes on everything, I would have told them where they could put their shrubs and furniture.  Anyways, all 58 plants finally arrived on May 23rd.  The landscaper showed up the next day and within 1 1/4 hours everything that I had room for was in the ground.  She took 4 of the shrubs and a small amount of money and left with her crew.  It would have taken us days to do what they did in that short amount of time.  We have red clay.  They had a cool machine that loosen up the soil.  The next step, as soon as it cools off enough, is to preem and put down the mulch.  I'm left with 13 grasses, a Bella Anna hydrangea and 9 Little devils which is a dark leaf shrub that has little white flowers.  Plant sale!  The furniture is suppose to ship on Tuesday - two big wicker chairs, a coffee table and a firepit.  If it looks as good up close as it does in the pictures, they will be residing in my living room - minus the firepit.

An hour after the landscapers, I left for Panteria with Gabriella to teach a class in Trapunto.  We ended up camping at Motel 8.  Beautiful site but cold and rainy.  It even snowed Saturday night.  Fortunately, we spend most of the time in a heated building, giving and taking classes.  The food was delicious!  Part of the deal is that you sign up to help out in the kitchen for one shift.  I enjoy kitchen work.  You get to meet alot of nice people and since I'm doing dayboard at Yule this year, I was on the lookout for new recipes. I know there is alot of stress in the kitchen especially one that runs all weekend; however, the last thing you want is someone who is cranky as hell and jumps down the volunteers' throats.  I don't know her name, I don't want to know her name, but I will never work in a kitchen with her again.


Night Blooming Cereus

Years ago, I'm guessing anywhere from 5-10, my cousin gave me a slip of a night blooming cereus.  Took it home, stuck it in a pot and besides watering it, forgot about it.  It's in an east window of a guest room with the door closed most of time.  A few weeks ago, it suddenly had 4 flower buds.  Two opened up last week - beautiful white flowers as big as a fist.  The third one fell off; however, the fourth just opened yesterday.
Night Blooming Cereus

To Weave or Not to Weave

During the Weaving Day we had in January, vynehorn showed me how to warp her rigid heddle loom and sat me down and let me wove a scarf.  Every since then, I've been researching different looms, watching utube videos and just bought The Weaver's Idea Book.  It is a great book and I'll never look at fabric the same way.   I now know what houndtooth looks like.  Now I'm just trying to figure out if this is a passing fancy or not.  I haven't used my tablet loom in a while.  Bought an inkle loom at Pennsic and finished my first project.  The Weaver's Inkle Pattern Directory is now in my library.  Should I just play with that for while?  I'm wait listed for a rigid heddle loom class at Webs in April and might sign up for Vavstuga Days also in April.  Maybe I should wait and take the classes first to figure out if this is something I really want to do.  On the other hand, I've got a week off coming up where I go away with girlfriends and work on projects.  It would be a great time to sit down and play with a new loom.  Decisions, decisions!

Chores and Decisions

So much for my hitting the sewing room.  I did get laundry done, mowed part of the lawn, tied up 15 tomato plants, finally put in my honeyberry bush and sifted one bin of compost.  I washed the linen for my kirtle two more times but am still trying to make up my mind whether I'm going to try to make it or not.  I'm worried about putting all that work into it and it not holding up the girls.  If not, I might try one of Kass' Florentine dresses.  Decisions, decisions!


A few months ago, Au Bon Pain had a contest - vote for your favorite sandwich and win a sandwich a week for a year.  Since they did it by location, I figured why not - so every day at work I set my calendar to remind me to play.  Wednesday it dawned on me that I hadn't heard anything about a winner.  After going online, I gave up that hope. 

Got home that night and found a fed ex envelope.  It appears that I won the Better Home and Gardens - Garden Room Contest.  Now I vaguely remember signing up for this once.  I read it over and checked it out on line - it looked legit - Took it to work to show the attorney I used to work for and he confirmed that it looked good.  Now I like to garden - you might say I go overboard in that department - being in the same house for 30 years my gardens just kept on multiplying - almost to the point where I could kick myself for having so many.  This year; however, I'm ahead of the game - all weeded and mulched and looking good.  I've now won 14 hydrangea (4 different types), 13 grasses, 3 dogwoods, 2 lilacs, 1 rose of sharon, 6 perennial geranium, 9 shrub roses, 9 ninebark, 1 Seven-Son Flower (never heard of the last two) plus 2 Kate Collection Chairs, a coffee table and a Venturi Flalme Firepit (looks really cool in the picture).  God knows where I'll put everything.  If the chairs and coffee table are nice, they might end up in my living room.  I emailed the high school landscaping teacher to see if anyone would be interested in doing up a plan for me - maybe for extra credit.  After I plant everything and take pictures, it could go in the local paper and at least let BH&G know about it - might be good publicity for the school.  Of course, it is the end of the year, but it was worth a shot.  If not, I'll be doing alot of research on where to put stuff. 

I'll keep you posted and hopefully, sometime in the future there will be pictures.

Yule Dayboard Review - caution - could be boring

Yule Dayboard – 125 servings:
I've worked a lot of dayboards and feasts, but doing one from scratch has given me a new appreciation for the work that goes into it.  First, figuring out the menu, which changes once you start pricing the food.  Both of the soup recipes changed from the pretest.  The hardest part for me was figuring out the amounts.  Thank goodness for Elizabeth who lent me "Food for Fifty."  That helped quite a bit. Most of the food came from Restaurant Depot and Sam's.  The food prep took longer than I expected but I was happy with the soups. 
Cock a leekie soup from allrecipes.com - 60 servings - the only change was to use two jars of Better than Bouillon in place of chicken broth.  Had about 1/2 gallon left over. 
Onion Soup - I tried to make veggie broth for the onion soup; however, it came out too bitter.  Instead used 2 jars of Better than Bouillon (Veggie) and just added the 10 bulbs of roasted garlic and 20 lbs of roasted onion minus 5 onions.  Had almost 3 gallons left. 
100 hard boiled eggs - gone. 
I cooked 8 lbs of chickpeas for the hummus.  Thankfully, only used half to make the hummus.   1 quart size baggie of hummus left.
15 lbs of cheese - handful left over.
1 large can of black olives - gone
Most of the 2 gallons of pickles went
25 lbs of apple - 10 lbs left over.
10 lbs of carrots sticks and 5 lbs of celery - One quart size baggie left over
Three out of the four bags of pita bread - gone
3 lbs of honey butter – very little left over
1 lbs of basil butter – gone
3 lbs of rye bread - gone
4 out of 16 loaf of Italian bread left over
3 lbs of almond & 15 ozs. of raisins - had a lot left over because I didn't put them out right away.  Thought they would go too quickly.
Used 5 gallons of lemon for the dayboard and then another 5 put out before and during feast.  1 ½ bottles of lemon juice left over and half a bag of sugar.
Chris helped chop the carrots, celery and cheese but a bad neck prevented him from coming to help out at Dayboard.  Dinsdale and Elizabeth helped unload the truck.  Couldn’t have done it without Gabriella and Michael who helped with the prep, stood at dayboard and helped load the truck.  Diddous(?) guarded the dayboard before it was officially open and Elizabeth helped stand at dayboard.
Would I do it again?  Yes, but I’m definitely not ready to attempt a feast.

Post Pennsic

Left Pennsic Friday at noon and with stops for lunch, traffic and breaks, made it home by 10:00 p.m.  Saturday, Chris emptied the truck and I did laundry - am still doing laundry, and basically vegged the rest of the day.

The week before - went to the Met with my daughter to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit - spent 2 1/2 hours in line to end up in a mob scene.  I enjoyed the wool jackets at the beginning but for the most part - it was a bit wild for my taste.  Carrie enjoyed it; however, it was noon by the time we got in and we were both hungry at that point.  She would have stayed another hour if hunger hadn't taken over.  After lunch, I headed to the Morgan to see the Illuminated Manuscript outfits and she headed to the garment district for hat making supplies.  I enjoyed the exhibit but was not impressed with one of the men's outfits.  It was pink wool but looked like felt. 

We left for Pennsic on Friday at noon and ended up in Clearfield for the night.  Got to Pennsic around 10:30 - set up and went to the truckstop for lunch and to cool off.  The first few days were brutally hot and humid - don't remember it being that bad last year but it finally cooled off and the weather was wonderful.  We went to opening ceremonies and stayed to see a few of the one-on-one fighting before the heat drove us back to camp.  I helped Sofia prepare for the Queen's Tea and went to help out.  It was fun watching the royals.  Got to talk to a nice woman with a harp who let me fiddle with it. 

Loved the A&S exhibit although the East Kingdom side was in very poor light.  Took lots of pictures and drolled quite a bit. 

Midnight madness was fun - went with Evaine as Chris wasn't feeling well.  We hit two mini concerts and wandered around.  The weather was perfect - almost needed a cloak but not quite. 

Somehow, I only took three classes - don't know where the time went.  Two lucet classes and a Beaded Embroidery and Embellishments by Baronessa Anna Bella Di Cherubino, who had just received her Laurel.  She had made a pearl and gold bead belt for Queen Jana that was incredible.  I got pictures at the A&S but not of the whole thing.  The three hour class was to make a pearl and beaded bag.  She didn't charge anything for all the materials, handout and a canvas bag to put everything in.  Definitely made me feel cheap for charging for my smocked apron class.  This is one project I will definitely finish.

The best part was just chatting and listening to everyone in camp.  I'm amazed by everyone's knowledge and stories. 

Chris seemed to enjoy himself except for an inner ear infection and is already planning on going back next year.  I was a little put out that after making him 5 new tunics, an under tunic and a pair of braises - that he came home with 2 new outfits that he never put on. 

Back to reality - today we have to go pick up Dakota at Gabriella's house and tomorrow back to work.