jofglastingburi (jofglastingburi) wrote,

Fun at the Hospital

The pain was getting worse by Saturday night so we took another trip to the ER.  This time they admitted him but he didn't get upstairs until 5 a.m. Sunday morning.  No change to the CAT scan which was good since they were looking for a rupture.  He is on heavy duty antibotics, pain medication and a liquid diet (otherwise known as a starvation diet).  He's exhausted since they are coming in at all hours to check his vitals and change his iv bags.  They start talking surgery after the 4th attack.  This is only his 2nd; however, it's a bad one and if it doesn't turn around they might have to go in.  5-6 days in the hospital plus 6 weeks out of work.  Hopefully, it won't come to that.  

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