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Chris' Surgery

After going back to work in January after colon and then cataract surgery, Chris started having shoulder pain in both shoulders and numbness and burning in his right hand.  The initial thought was that it was frozen shoulder.  Ended up going to a chiropractor in Saybrook who did Active Release Technique.  He thought it was rotator cuff problems.  The first thing he did was to order MRI's on both shoulders.  Once he got those results, he said Chris needed to see a shoulder surgeon.  Dr. Veltrie sent him for a neck MRI and ended up sending him to Dr. Lantner for a pinched nerve in his neck.  The surgery was yesterday and everything went fine.  They cleaned out 3 discs and added bone shims and a metal plate.  He spent the night and was much better this morning.  The shoulder pain and the burning in the hand is gone.  He still have numbness in the hand but hopefully that will go away soon.  This afternoon his neck and shoulders behind the neck are sore but they said to expect that.  Hopefully, this will be it for awhile; however, the surgeon did say that there is no guarantee about the other discs in the neck or that he might need rotator cuff surgery down the road.  We'll keep our fingers crossed.

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