Chris' Surgery

After going back to work in January after colon and then cataract surgery, Chris started having shoulder pain in both shoulders and numbness and burning in his right hand.  The initial thought was that it was frozen shoulder.  Ended up going to a chiropractor in Saybrook who did Active Release Technique.  He thought it was rotator cuff problems.  The first thing he did was to order MRI's on both shoulders.  Once he got those results, he said Chris needed to see a shoulder surgeon.  Dr. Veltrie sent him for a neck MRI and ended up sending him to Dr. Lantner for a pinched nerve in his neck.  The surgery was yesterday and everything went fine.  They cleaned out 3 discs and added bone shims and a metal plate.  He spent the night and was much better this morning.  The shoulder pain and the burning in the hand is gone.  He still have numbness in the hand but hopefully that will go away soon.  This afternoon his neck and shoulders behind the neck are sore but they said to expect that.  Hopefully, this will be it for awhile; however, the surgeon did say that there is no guarantee about the other discs in the neck or that he might need rotator cuff surgery down the road.  We'll keep our fingers crossed.
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Home Again

Chris made it home today.  He is still in pain but it's manageable and he is able to get around pretty much on his own.  Quite a change from Friday and Saturday.

Surgery was Successful!

Went in this morning at 6:00 and they took Chris in at 8:15.  2 hours later the doctor said it was a success.  They took out 8 inches of his colon.  Everything else looked good.  He is in pain and groggy.  They plan on getting him up tomorrow which doesn't sound too pleasant but instead of a clear liquid diet tomorrow he will be upgraded to a regular liquid diet.  Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers.
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Pennsic Recap

Left on Saturday the 27th at 4:00 a.m. and made it by noon - no traffic - smooth sailing!  That evening I helped out at the Known World party.  What's with everyone throwing socks rolled up into balls?  I was concerned they would end up in the meatball and cheese savory.  They did - after I left around 9:30 p.m.  Monday was the Runnymeade dinner that I helped serve.  The food was delicious - must get the recipe for the pink garlic sauce.  I took 3 - 3 hour classes on bobbin lace and a 3 hour class on how to make a linen hood.  Also took one feast class and 2 embroidery classes.  So many classes - so little time.  The play by I Sebastiani was a riot - food fight at the end reminded me of a Galagher skit - they even brought out canvas to cover the audience.  The camp was smaller this year - Jehan and Luc didn't come and Miriam's youngest son (he is getting married next week); however, she did bring her oldest son from Israel and her granddaughter.  Hallel is in fourth grade and if there was a war point for the person who did the most and got the most out of Pennsic - she would have won - saw a battle, went to the children's water battle, children fete, classes, plays, music entertainment - she was soaking up knowledge like a sponge.  She finished my inkle loom project and I taught her how to do fingerloop braiding and lucet.  Evaine showed her and her father how to play a few medieval games.  Both her and her father made a great addition to the camp!

I left Friday morning at 7:00.  Hopefully I didn't wake anyone up - was pretty quiet until it came time to fold up the tent.  Got on 79 going south for 2 exits before I could turn around, then had smooth sailing until I reached the bridge over the Hudson.  Why have Ezpass if you are going to make everyone go thru a gate that raises and closes.  Connecticut was a nightmare of traffic but I got home by 5:00.

Saturday left for NH for my brother's wedding and came back Sunday.  Took Monday off to unpack and do laundry.

Chris is still on antibotics but not 100%  - we don't know if the antibotics are affecting his stomach or if there is still something going on.  He sees the doctor on Tuesday but he worried they will want to do surgery.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Home from the Hospital!!!

    Thanks to everyone for your good wishes.  Chris came home this afternoon and is doing well.  He is on antibotics for the next 20 days and hopefully that will clear it up.  He plans on returning to work on Tuesday on light duty for two weeks.
     Since he is doing so well, I plan on arriving at Pennsic mid-day on Saturday and returning on Friday.
     Made my first batch of refrigerator pickles last night and today - Garlic dill and bread and butter.  Hopefully, they will turn out well.  Taste test at Pennsic!

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Hospital Fun Again

Early last week Chris ran out of his antibotics.  By the time he went to his doctor's appointment on Thursday, he was starting to get uncomfortable.  He got put on a different antibotic and had another appointment today.  He was definitely worse than last week so they put him back into the hospital and am doing a cat scan tonight.  Pennsic is out of the question for him this year.  Whether or not I go or not will depend on what happens in the next few days.  The only good thing is that he is not in the pain he was last month but he is still uncomfortable.

Home Again Home Again

Brought Chris home after 5 days in the hospital.  The pain is gone and he can have soft solid foods for the next two weeks - no raw veggies.  He's now clean, 10 lbs less and ready to sleep without interruption!.  Thanks for the good wishes!
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Fun at the Hospital

The pain was getting worse by Saturday night so we took another trip to the ER.  This time they admitted him but he didn't get upstairs until 5 a.m. Sunday morning.  No change to the CAT scan which was good since they were looking for a rupture.  He is on heavy duty antibotics, pain medication and a liquid diet (otherwise known as a starvation diet).  He's exhausted since they are coming in at all hours to check his vitals and change his iv bags.  They start talking surgery after the 4th attack.  This is only his 2nd; however, it's a bad one and if it doesn't turn around they might have to go in.  5-6 days in the hospital plus 6 weeks out of work.  Hopefully, it won't come to that.